DICE London ’20


Nov 06 2020


All Day

DICE London ’20

Mahmood to speak at the home to the world’s leading tech players and innovators.

Topics will Include: 

1. How will increased power density and cooling capacity impact site selection?

2. As end-user demands shift, how will the growing use of outsourced IT services drive demand for a hybrid cloud strategy? 

3. How will the Internet of Things, Blockchain and AI impact Silicon Valley’s data center demand?

4. With deployments becoming more dense and compact, what are hyperscalers and cloud providers doing to be more sustainable?

5. What do the growth of micro data centers, 5G and Edge Computing innovations mean for today’s data center requirements?

6. As land in Silicon Valley becomes more scarce and expensive, what’s the outlook for other West Coast markets like Reno & Las Vegas?

7. What are operators in the region doing to mitigate risks of earthquakes and other natural disasters?